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Hearing is Believing

Hearing is Believing

Raydon Studio is an all-purpose recording studio located in Keego Harbor, Michigan.

When you record at Raydon Studio, we help with every step of the recording process. From the writing process to release, you can rely on Raydon to make sure your next song is a hit.

Collaborative Writing

Leverage the composition and theory experience of your producer to ensure the final product exceeds the sound in your head, or take control and opt for strictly engineering instead.

Live or Individual Tracking

Prefer to record as a full band? We can accommodate that. Prefer to track individually for additional attention to detail? We can do that too.

Flexible Pricing

Choose between hourly, daily, or per-project rates. Enjoy a relaxed tracking environment knowing you won't pay more to track an extra take or two.

Full Production also includes mixing, mastering, and re-amping.

"Working alongside Mark has taught me so much as a musician. It has pushed me as an artist, inspired me as a songwriter, and I came out with an album that I am damn proud of. If you consider yourself to be an artist, go somewhere that treats you as one."

Sean SHepard, Antighost

"Raydon Studio has been invaluable in defining our sound as a band."

Nick Rafaill, Dinosaur Garden

"Raydon Studio brought our sound to places we had not imagined. The quality of the final product is beyond what you will find in this price range anywhere else."

JJ Jewell, Final Confession

"The final mixes possessed a level of care and nuance that far exceeds their asking price. I understand it’s impossible for your producer to hear the music in your head and deliver your vision, but in my experience: Raydon Studio is about as close as it gets."

Anna Brooks

"Mark has truly helped us evolve as a band and find the precise sound we wanted to cultivate."

Casey O'Leary, Almost Made the Mixtape

"Solid work ethic combined with the truly stellar quality of mixing and mastering makes Raydon the most reliable studio I’ve worked with."

Kaity Walstad, Final Confession

If you prefer to record yourself, or have already recorded an album that needs an sonic upgrade, Raydon Studio can mix and master your existing recordings. High quality, fast turnaround, and flexible revisions make Raydon a sure choice for your next self-produced album.

Radio-Ready Mixing

Numerous Raydon releases have made their way onto FM and Internet stations, TV spots, and streaming playlists. Our mixing showcases your song's full potential.

Mastered by Destination

Tracks are meticulously mastered to match the target loudness for their destination, meaning more dynamic mixes for streaming and more competitive loudness for direct downloads and physical media.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're not happy until you're happy. Enjoy up to five mix revisions, though we don't think you'll need them all.


...And Counting

Whether you need a custom beat designed, a guitar track processed, or just need an experienced musician to perform on your next project, Raydon Studio is your one-stop-shop.

Custom Beats

From vintage vinyl beats to pristine house hits, we can create the perfect instrumental to match your vocal performance style, with a competitive mix that's ready for the pop charts.


Need the warmth of a cranked tube guitar amp on your track? Is your vocal track lacking some analog magic? Send your tracks to Raydon to be processed through our analog gear.

Session Musicianship

Jack of all instruments, and a master of five. We've featured on numerous tracks with guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and piano, and a few with banjo, clarinet, and harmonica.


Mark is the principal producer and engineer at Raydon Studio. Mark has been studying music since 2005 and recording arts since 2008, graduating from Albion College with a degree in music composition.

Mark has composed and recorded music in a myriad of styles. His commissioned pieces have been featured on commercials, albums, and performed live for various concerts.


Casey is a tracking engineer at Raydon Studio. Trained at Icon Collective Production School in LA, Casey specializes in pop, electronic, and vocal production in all genres.

As an electronic producer and DJ himself, Casey has a unique skill set to assist electronic producers with their personal productions, and prepare them for live performances.

Get in touch, we're looking forward to hearing from you.

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